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Everyone involved in the management of construction projects knows that the day-to-day business of logistics can be highly complex. And, of course, the last thing needed on-site is more complexity. Fortunately, Workstream has many years' experience managing the delivery of services concerned with the built environment. We work in partnership with our clients and sub-contractors to get every aspect of the job done, on time and on budget.

Workstream has a growing reputation in the construction industry for innovative supply chain management solutions. Our Site Logistics Packages are typical in this regard. Our highly experienced, professionally managed teams can handle every aspect of site logistics from initial site set-up to client handover and beyond. Consider the benefits:

  • Reliability – Pre-planning personnel requirements ensures the recruitment and retention of high quality, reliable personnel with CSCS/CPCS certification and site-specific knowledge, avoiding the pitfalls of short-notice labour supply.
  • Enhanced Efficiency – In most cases, members of our site logistics teams will have worked together on similar projects over several years. They know each other well, they're used to working together as a team, and their work is faster and more cost effective.
  • One Call Does it All – No mountains of paperwork to complete. There's just one order, one invoice and one point of contact for all your logistics needs.
  • Flexibility – You get just the right number and combination of site operatives and facilities to get the job done at any given time. No more, no less.
  • Cost Recovery – Where subcontractors have not complied with agreed processes – not disposing of waste properly, for example – Workstream's teams can gather and present the evidence needed to recover costs.

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WCS Contract Site Personnel Backgrounder

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