Why Use Contract Site Personnel?

Hiring contract site personnel reduces the real cost of meeting your skills needs – If you think hiring site personnel is expensive, consider the hidden costs of direct employment over and above salaries:

  • Employee benefits such as company cars, health insurance, life insurance, pensions, performance bonuses, etc.
  • Accommodation and equipment.
  • Statutory employee rights such as paid leave, sick pay, payment in lieu of notice, and redundancy.
  • Management overheads such as payroll and tax administration, career development and training programmes, key man insurance, etc.
  • Permanent employees still have to be paid, even when they're not busy. With contract site personnel, you pay only for the hours worked.

Hiring contract site personnel is a faster way to plug vital skills gaps – If you need staff and you need them now, picking up the phone and talking to a reputable site personnel supplier will get you the right people for the job faster than any other method.

Hiring contract site personnel reduces risk – Make a mistake with a key appointment and you run the risk of additional costs such as an expensive severance agreement or employment tribunal; duplicated effort as you attempt to make up for work done badly; staff disaffected by the presence of a weak link in the chain; and so on. You can use site personnel to establish whether they meet your requirements before you take them on permanently.

Hiring contract site personnel gives you the freedom to focus on core activities – The last thing busy professionals need is to drop everything to deal with temporary skills requirements. A reputable supplier of site personnel can deliver specialist expertise and resources where and when you need them, leaving you free to do what you do best.

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WCS Contract Site Personnel Backgrounder

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