Workstream's Online Timesheet Entry System

If like many of Workstream's clients, you need to spend a fair amount of time completing and faxing "Gang" timesheets each week, then Workstream's Online Timesheet Entry System (WOTES) could prove extremely useful to you.

WOTES is aimed at site managers who want to avoid spending hours every week manually completing and faxing timesheets for large numbers of workers. WOTES can also be used effectively to submit timesheets for just a few people, even a single individual if required.

Consider the benefits of going online:

Easy access at any time - You and your colleagues can deal with timesheets whenever and wherever you have access to the Internet.

Lower overheads - No printing or fax costs to pay; everything is done electronically from your PC.

Secure - We issue your company's authorised signatories (and only the signatories) with a secure, password-protected login, giving them access to timesheets for any of your sites to which we are supplying operatives.

Time-saving - Online timesheets for each of your sites are pre-populated with details of all the Workstream operatives working on that site, so there's no longer any need for you to laboriously fill them in yourself. Each operative's details include his/her name, occupation, Workstream candidate code and placement number. (You can also add your own payroll codes if you wish.)

Customisable - The format of your timesheet can be quickly and simply customised to match your exact requirements.

More comprehensive and less prone to mistakes
- All hours worked by our operatives (including overtime hours) are clear, unambiguous, visible and easily verifiable on the timesheet itself.

Convenient - All daily and weekly totals are calculated automatically, so there's no need for you to waste time figuring out the total hours worked by each and every operative.

Controllable - Before you submit your timesheets to Workstream's payroll department, you're presented with a summary of the hours you have entered, so you can validate them before proceeding. Once you've checked the hours and are happy with them, a PDF of your timesheet is created and emailed to us, to you and to anyone else you nominate (eg, your Accounts Department and/or HR).

You can of course continue to use your current timesheet submission method for as long as you like. However, we would urge you to give our online system a try and see for yourself how much time and effort it can save you.

To arrange a WOTES demonstration, please get in touch with your local Workstream office.