Submit timesheets easily!

Workstream's Online Timesheet Entry System

Since the introduction of our bespoke Online Timesheet Entry System (WOTES) in 2012, many of our clients have switched onto it due to its convenience. WOTES is easier to use than conventional, paper-based timesheet systems, quicker to complete, more accurate and more secure.

The system has been designed to the specific needs of Site Managers and other construction professionals who spend time submitting timesheets. Submitting timesheets online is quicker, easier and more accurate than conventional paper based methods. Accounts can also be tailored to accomodate different requirements for clients.

To set up your unique WOTES account, email with:

  • Company name
  • Current active sites
  • Name and addresses of each person who will need access to WOTES and who is authorised to approve timsheets

Make your life easier and get yourself a WOTES account today!