Working in Partnership

Workstream works in partnership with a number of key account clients as a significant part of their supply chain. In our view, partnering agreements differ from standard contractual arrangements in so far as they involve a shared resolve to overcome hurdles together, to reach a successful, mutually satisfactory conclusion to each contract using an honest, "open book" arrangement. This ensures a consistent working relationship, characterised by a bi-directional flow of coherent information, detailed job specifications and realistic priorities. As far as possible, all points of contact within the partnership are established from Day One in order to develop close working relationships, develop an effective modus operandi and facilitate service reviews, etc.

The organisational benefits of partnership (for all parties) are predicated on the ability to work together to plan all requirements at an early stage:

  • Putting together the best management teams for the job
  • Allocating the most appropriate resources
  • Creating predictability of demand and, therefore, reliability of supply

These benefits can be derived from partnership with Workstream at each of the five major stages of the typical construction project lifecycle:

  1. Planning – Workstream can work with clients to deliver land and premises surveys; undertake site investigation and feasibility studies; provide critical architectural and structural design staff where there is a shortfall; and arrange for the services of structural engineers, etc.
  2. Tender – Workstream can provide clients with information on pricing for site engineering controls and workforce costs, participate in consortia bids, develop presentation CVs for key personnel and participate in quality submissions.
  3. Contract Award – Workstream can get involved with resource scheduling and supply engineering control packages, labour resource management, and site set-up packages.
  4. Buying – Workstream can deliver permanent recruitment services for project management and other key staff; provide survey equipment; and preferred supplier arrangements.
  5. Construction – Workstream can provide temporary site engineering, professional and supervisory personnel; temporary site trades and labour; survey instrument and small tool hire; and logistics packages and small packages services covering everything from site set-up through security, traffic management, waste management and on-site catering to snagging, handover and planned maintenance.