Birmingham New Street Station

From Workstream Pulse, Spring 2014

Workstream has been supplying a range of site personnel to various contractors at Birmingham New Street Station since construction started on the £600 million refurbishment project last year. The company has delivered a number of different trades to the project, including labourers, fire marshalls, traffic marshalls, curtain wall fixers, telehandler drivers, slinger/signallers, lifting supervisors, and managers and engineers.

The original, 1960s concrete façade was generally regarded in the city as a major eyesore for the best part of 50 years. It is now well on its way to being removed and replaced by stainless steel cladding that will provide a stunning transformation for the exterior of the station.

Network Rail hopes the "new" New Street station rising from the old will help create a world class transport hub for Birmingham, adding to the city's growing reputation for great design. The project will also deliver better pedestrian connections across the city, additional retail outlets in the Grand Central Birmingham shopping centre, and a new public space in the heart of the city centre.

The new concourse will be three and a half times bigger than before and will have natural light flood throughout the giant atrium. And the station will remain open throughout the redevelopment until completion in 2015.