62 Buckingham Gate, Victoria

From Workstream Pulse, Summer 2014

Located on the north side of Victoria Street between the world famous London institutions of New Scotland Yard and Victoria Station, 62 Buckingham Gate now provides the area with another great landmark. Delivered last year by principal contractor Sir Robert McAlpine, this striking, prism-like structure cost £50 million and provides 23,870 square metres of office space over 11 floors and 1,442 square metres of retail space at street level and on the upper basement floor. A canopied pedestrian area connects the structure with Westminster City Hall, providing space for pavement cafés and outdoor public seating alongside a green wall.

The structure's complex shape produces an oversail on the highest and lowest points of the façade, which required wind-tunnel testing to determine accurate wind loads for the building's curtain walling. High-performance, solar-controlled glass was installed throughout by cladding contractor Lindner Façades. Fixed on a bronze anodised aluminium frame, that glass is also highly reflective so that it mirrors neighbouring architecture and reduces the the structure's overall impact of on its environment.

The oversized glass frontages of the ground floor retail units are recessed and the first floor provides a canopy to the street level. Load-bearing columns are also set back from the structural line at that level to ease pedestrian traffic. Above ground level, the offices cantilever over the corner with a resultant deflection in all floors. To equalise this, floors are tied into the façade and have a deflection tolerance of just 12mm.

Workstream provided a total of 70 site operatives to its client Lindner Façades during the construction of 62 Buckingham Gate. As with most of the other contracts with Lindner, the company was called upon to deliver teams both for the logistics and the installation works.